Museum of the Obol Komsomol underground

The museum of Obol Komsomol underground, a branch of the state cultural institution "Shumilina Museum of History and Regional Studies" was founded in the town of Obol, Vitebsk region on October 29, 1965, on the basis of the decision of the Ministry of culture of the BSSR as the Republican museum of Komsomol fame, a branch of the Belarusian state museum of the Great Patriotic War. Since 1985, it has been the museum of Obol Komsomol underground. On January 1, 1990, it was transferred to the management of culture of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee in accordance with the decision of the board of the BSSR Ministry of Culture No. 45 of 26.06.1989. On the basis of the decision of Shumilya district executive committee from 13.02.2002 №45 was reorganized into the branch of Shumilina Museum of History and Regional Studies. From November 1, 2008 after a major overhaul with reconstruction, there is a new exposition. Its solemn opening was timed to coincide with the 90th anniversary of Komsomol.

The total area of the museum is 194 m2 The exposition and exhibition area — 124.17 m2 It has 4 exhibition halls:

  • School and youth years of the Obol Underground.
  • The development of the guerrilla movement in the Sirotino District since 1961 — the Shumilino District.
  • Creation and combat activities of the participants of the Obol underground.
  • Immortalization. Remembrance.

The exposition is based on the materials about the activity of the legendary underground Komsomol organization "Young Avengers", which was functioning on the territory of the Obol village council during the Great Patriotic War, the only youth underground organization not only in the Vitebsk region, but also in the whole Belarus. Among the unique exhibits are documents, photos and personal belongings of famous Komsomol heroes, including Heroes of the Soviet Union E. Zenkova and Z. Portnova, works of art, depicting the exploits of young underground fighters. In 2008 the renewed exposition of the museum was enlarged by the diorama "Partisan Camp", the picture "The Members of the underground are getting ready for the mission" by V. Tikhonenko, the member of the Belarusian Union of Artists. It is equipped with modern audio equipment. The exhibition hall of the museum regularly organizes changing exhibitions and expositions.

Being situated on a busy freeway between two major tourist centers of Belarus — Polotsk and Vitebsk, the museum of Obol Komsomol underground may be of great interest for tourists - lovers of the national history, in particular the history of the Great Patriotic War.

Besides, the museum building is located in a picturesque place on the bank of the river Obol, on the territory of the former manor and park complex of Y. J. Amburger. The complex belongs to the monuments of architecture of the first half of the 19th century and is included into the State list of historical and cultural values of the Republic of Belarus.

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